Gustavo Venegas

… Working with Prime is a year and really, a very nice future and it is interesting because they have a very nice format. Thank you very much … See more

Pablo Villamil

“You have everything together in the same place; You basically arrive and install yourself. This has ended up being our first home more than second home, so we’re leaving happy. We recommend it for those who are thinking of coming to Colombia “

Wilson Fajardo

“It has been an excellent idea to take PHS services because company-level costs decrease by almost 50% or 60%. It is a company that supports microentrepreneurs, pioneers, Pymes (small-business), in that growth that is very important for us. “

IBIS Computer

“IBIS Computer communicates its satisfaction with PHS, using our virtual office service. This Spanish company entered the Colombian market thanks to the support of PHS, positioning itself as an excellent consulting company, with a minimum investment budget, with great success. “

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